Saturday, October 15, 2011

the week in review...

in between getting the ground hog kiln fired and then unloaded we were shopping for  this:

we decided this summer that we really needed a trailer to do shows and workshops... the school bus isn't practical for long distance travel and you have to make sure there is adequate parking everywhere you go. next week we will load the new trailer up and head to NH where Jeff will teach 3 raku workshops and one throwing workshop. the bus is going up for sale very soon... so if you know anyone looking for a really cool school bus, send them my way!

after the trailer purchase was complete we loaded the gas kiln and fired it yesterday...

while the kiln fired we worked on our canvasses for the Potters Palette fundraiser for the NC Pottery Center...

if i had started painting when i picked up my canvas, i would have done a mermaid... since i got a late start i decided to do the fairy portrait.

Jeff's canvas is an abstract of pots and the ground hog kiln.

Jeff is teaching a workshop today and i have mugs out in the studio that are needing some handles... guess i had better get back to work.


  1. Those are some great paintings and I love the bright colors, yours and jeffs.

  2. The school bus would made a good office or even studio space for someone.
    We had an neighbor when we lived in Oregon, who had one, and it came in real handy as temporary housing when his house burned to the ground and he was rebuilding.

  3. we considered keeping our bus for extra studio space etc... but we don't have lots of space for it and i am tired of looking at it!

  4. I am amazed that so many potters in Seagrove are also painters! These tiles are all so great, can't wait to see them all!

  5. oh and check out the schooley site they might have a place to advertize your bus, lots of folks are converting them into motorhomes.


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