Monday, January 30, 2012

Preview of things to come...

We let the kiln cool slowly today and have 1/2 the door un-bricked at 11:45 pm. So far we like what we can see and what we have taken out...

the vessel sink in the front looks good, phew!

The lids on my little jars weren't stuck... always a good sign...
More pics tomorrow.


  1. Linda... you are my only commenter up at nearly 2:00 am! good night.

  2. what is it about little jars? Nice....

  3. What do you use for rimwash on the jar galleries?

  4. Oh Michele~ they look fantastic! What a relief...would love to see a photo of the sink, pretty please :)

  5. Gwyneth - I brush liquid wax on the galleries and usually dip the rims of the lids in hot wax. Then glaze and wipe clean any residual glaze on the waxed areas.


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