Wednesday, February 15, 2012

2012 - Firing #3

back stack...

front stack...
Burners lit at 9:00 am (early for us).


  1. Firing number three already, oh well there are two of you and you both are more proficient than I am, have good one.

    I am sorry I woke you guys up when you came to visit that morning. I just didn't want you to miss any of NCCEA events. Later I got the feeling you both were late risers. Ha. Gary and I are normally both early risers.

  2. ha ha ha, Linda, we need someone to wake us up somedays... we are glad you did! I was up at 4:45 every work day for 19 years while teaching at an early childhood program... I think I am making up for all those years of sleep deficit!

  3. Fire on you two! In my next potter life I will have a sweet little kiln like that:)

  4. looks good! I'm rolling on a making phase, must get firing son.

  5. You guys are rockin' it! Sending good fire energy your way :)

  6. thats a cute kiln might even be a tad larger than the one I'm planning for this you have dimensions??


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