Thursday, February 16, 2012

blogger frustration

This blog has been around since 2007, and I knew this would happen eventually...

I reached my photo storage limit in blogger :-(

I can only add new photos that are small unless I pay for extra storage on picasa. I made this discovery when I changed my header (see puny picture above). Now I can't get my old winter scene header back.
There must be a way I can find the other photo in picasa and put it back but in the layout editing. Blogger wants me to put in a web address for the photo but I can't locate it in picasa... at least not yet.

Evidently I can host my photos on Jeff's website OR resize everything before uploading,  but that means another step in the process. I prefer to keep it simple because I do need to get other stuff done throughout the day!
I knew there was a storage limit and stupidly thought I would be prepared with the gypsy potters blogspot BUT, I did a DUMB thing. I didn't open a totally new account associated with a new e-mail address and picasa account.

My other thought was that this might be a good time to switch to a new format and ditch blogger all together. I am just not sure I have time for that right now.
If anyone has any insight or suggestions, I would appreciate hearing from you.

On the bright side... the firing was done by 10:00 pm last night. Here is a pic (a resized version of course) of the door with flames licking out of it...

at this point it's always a good idea to push the door back in... but it's fun to see that fire!!!


  1. I know one of these day I will reach my photo limit too since I've had my blog for four years, after the first year or so I started resizing my photos so they wouldn't take up so much memory. Seems like I got on picasa once but can't remember how it helped me or what I did with it. One thing I notice is that blogger now has two captcha words and one is hard to read and have to keep trying over and over again so that is making it harder to make commments on folks blogs. I do know if you post questions in the blogger forum they will post back answers to questions and if enough people complain they will sometimes change things back to the way they were.

    What is the cost to keep your blog but upgrade for more photos? I know Lori Huff has changed her blog recently and she seems to be pretty savy with the internet. I know next to nothing and so if I ever had to set up a new format I am not sure I could do it.

  2. Oh also Gary Rith has had three or four blogger blogs, he may know the ins and outs. He posts every day I think and uses large photos.

  3. If i had been on the ball of i would have read up on how much space i had and would have found out earlier that photos under a certain size don't count towards your space use. I should have made all my pics small and then I would have had space for larger photos for the header.
    I think Gary started from scratch with a new account each time... is the right Gary? I also think he now reduces his picture size so that he won't use up all his space.
    Extra storage starts at about $5 a year, which is pretty cheap money.

  4. oh yes, started new blogs a couple of times with new emails and identities and all that horsesh!t.....nearly 6 years total here, just the way it goes :0

  5. take a look at 'weebly' for really low cost web and blog design- I love them

  6. The wiggly words are a pain, but it is easy to keep requesting different ones until you get ones that you can read!


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