Tuesday, February 14, 2012

memories of Valentine's long ago...

When I was a kid I loved celebrating Valentine's Day at school. We made a mailbox for our desk and decorated them with lots of glitter, construction paper hearts and paper doilies. Everyone brought those cute little cards and dropped them in your mail box during the week leading up to the "big" day. On Valentine's day we celebrated after lunch with cupcakes, conversation hearts and opening up all of our cards in those special mail boxes. A simple celebration that I am not sure is still done in schools today.

Every few years I have bought a box of those little cards... I have slipped them into the mailboxes of all the real estate agents in my office and tucked them into surprise hiding places for family or friends to find. Having not done that in a few years I decided to buy some this year. I carefully chose Peanuts cards because I just love Snoopy... when I opened the box to my horror they are now made of thin paper! Not card stock, just printed paper... and here is the kicker: they no longer come with ENVELOPES! What is a card without an envelope???

There were some stickers in the box along with flimsy cards...

and a poster...

but I would have much preferred card stock and envelopes. I sent my daughter an early 60's vintage necklace and bracelet set that belonged to my grandmother and I tucked some of the cards in the box and addressed them to her, Jason and all the pets. Next year I will have to make my own Valentines... and maybe a mailbox too.

Pass the cupcakes please.


  1. I remember celebrating with those old timey cards and those candy hearts with sayings on them in school and it was really fun. happy valentines to you and Jeff.

  2. Yes, yes, yes!!!! I loved making those desk mailboxes, I waited all year for that! I thought about buying some of those cute little kid cards this year but I forgot. I did manage to get a valentine package to Wesley at college:) loved your post, happy valentines day to you guys!


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