Sunday, February 19, 2012

back from a short bloggy break

We unloaded the kiln on Friday and everything was looking good. Jeff wants to back off on the glaze reduction next time, a few of the greens were a little muddy but acceptable.
Our mug order came out great and we delivered it on Friday night. If you are ever in Greensboro stop in Sessions at 1820 Spring Garden Street. Enjoy a cup of coffee or a cappuccino in one of our mugs. They also have a fabulous beer selection and a really cool atmosphere.

Here a couple of pictures from last week's firing.
I love this pig with the shino/ash glaze combo...

and the infamous sponge holders...

Both are available in my etsy shop. The sponge holders are a limited edition so get them while you can, I don't plan to make anymore (unless they fly off the shelves at the speed of lightning).

As for my blogger frustration... I have decided that for now I will resize all of the photos I want to use on the blog and keep them in a separate folder... when I get the time I will figure out how to get a larger header again... I want my pretty blue mailbox back for spring!


  1. I think your header is very nice, no worries. and the pig! cute!!!!!!!!

  2. You have elevated the lowly sponge holder to a new level. Now on to that darn two work captcha.

    Oh are you on google chrome? when I load my photos on the left hand side when the window comes up it says Picassa album, maybe your old header is in there?

  3. Linda - I figured it out! When you are in the design layout it doesn't give picassa as a choice for uploading a photo. I had to find the photo in picassa (and they weren't in any logical order) then figured out how to copy the link in the right size and format. So for now I can't change my header to a large photo unless I use something that is already hosted there. I think I can live with that.


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