Monday, February 20, 2012

a southern snowfall

We woke up to a light dusting of snow covering the ground. I am sure it will be melted in the next few hours.

Yesterday Jeff and I were looking at Etsy listings and came across a shop selling PDF's of online selling tips. They were selling for around $28 and they had lots of sales. I suggested that we create PDF's of our glaze recipes and start selling them!

Lo and behold, when I checked my e-mail this morning I had a message from a fellow Etsyan. He loved the glaze on a small dish and if he purchased the  dish could he have the glaze recipe with it?
The power of positive thinking! I will gladly share the recipe along with the dish.

I pulled out Jz's glaze recipe notebook, to look it up and this postcard fell out...

I love finding these little treasures that have been tucked away in books and notebooks that belonged to John. This was from a show at a gallery in Frederick, MD on March 24th... unfortunately no year.
Last week would have been John's 61st birthday... I am happy to report that I am handling these milestones better each year. When I come across little things like this I think it's him stopping by to say hello.


  1. What a beautiful photograph with the snow on that pot.

  2. xoxo, my blog post today is for you too, I thought about you when I posted it.....

  3. no snow here, but bitter cold.
    Inertia is kicking in- I want it warm enough to relax and get on with things!

  4. i took the snow pic in my pj's first thing in the morning. I knew it wouldn't last long.

    Tracey- thank you for thinking of me. we all experience loss on a variety of levels throughout our life time.
    some are easier than others.


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