Tuesday, February 21, 2012

someday's i am a slacker...

It's been nearly two years since I made the decision to make pots full time. I have lots of days where I feel like I was a slacker all day.
Today was one of them.
I really need to get over the notion that if I am not making pots, loading kilns, or glazing, that I am  not being productive. Tonight I decided to make a list of how I spent my day:

1. Packed Etsy orders (yay!)
2. Sort of balanced checkbook and did some paperwork
3. Took deposit to the bank then a trip to the post office to get 4 Etsy orders shipped.
4. Checked inventory at the Co-op
5. Jeff and I stacked nearly a cord of wood to heat home & studio
6. Played Angry Birds for 1/2 hour (yep... addicted)
7. Packed pots for the Co-op
8. Made cone packs for next firing
9. Emptied 5 gallons of slaked clay for recycling
10. Photographed bowls for Etsy
11. Listed a bowl on Etsy

In between all this a load of laundry & dishes got done and dinner was cooked.

Not too shabby for a slacker.
Wood fired, extruded, textured vase by Jeff Brown... I love having fresh flowers in the house.


  1. Hey I've been taking photos, listing on etsy, packing packages and the like for over a week, so I am really a slacker, nice tall vase there with the lilies. I see you got your big photo back, yeah.

  2. You get those days when it FEELS like you've achieved nothing until you list it!

    Even if you limit the list to pottery work, just think of those old pottery photographs...with one or two throwers who did nothing else and a horde of other workers.....

  3. I know exactly how you feel. My husband works a 'real job' and sometimes he comes home and asks what I did today and every once and a while I draw a blank. It's nice to put it all down on paper occasionally to really see that I *am* indeed doing something productive. ;)

  4. I seem to be in a cycle of a week of making work, week of glazing and firing work and then a week of of getting it out the door to sell. Its good that there is shipping to be done! Means there will be $$ coming in! Too bad we can't just make it and let it sell itself :)

  5. Isn't it funny the things we think of as work. I always make my stones at night, not during the day when I should be working!! Haven't looked at angry birds, but Words with Friends.....


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