Thursday, March 15, 2012

5th firing 2012

We spent the day organizing and packing for our trip north. We also unloaded the kiln... I think this is firing #5 for 2012. Our photo taking set up on the dining room table was dismantled so I just snapped a few quick pictures of some of my pots.

I am really happy with these shino glazed mugs... the one in the front I am going to keep for a bit and another I wrapped up and added it to Danielle's birthday package.

Remember those itty bitty pigs?

I glazed them in shino, splashed them with tenmoku, and dusted their little hides with ash. They are as cute as can be. I photographed them on my laptop, so that gives you an idea as to their itty bitty size. Jeff says they should have been salt and pepper shakers. Next time perhaps.

There were other nice pots but they got wrapped and boxed upon unloading. Many are heading to League of NH Craftsmen galleries in NH.
My next post will most likely be from the road. Catch up with y'all later!


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