Sunday, March 4, 2012

wee little pigs

Literally, these are wee little pigs

about 3 1/2" long! too small for coins but wouldn't they be perfect for dropping in little wishes written on paper? Or a place to keep those fortune cookie fortunes that are just too good to toss.

I have been working in the studio by myself for the past three days. Jeff was volunteering and attending the North Carolina Potters Conference in Asheboro. Since he was up and out of the house early, I made it a point to get into the studio earlier than usual and be productive.

I was inspired by Michael Mahan's post on making pear jars in one piece, and decided to give that method of making covered boxes another go. John tried to teach me some years back but I was never successful. The first go around this time ended up in the scrap bucket. On the second attempt I dug out my Bill Van Gilder book and reread his tutorial on the method. This time I was more successful!

I am going to make some more this week, this time working on throwing them a little thicker so that my gallery isn't so thin. I also need to pay more attention to what the underside of the cover will look like while I am closing it in. Behind the boxes, bowl and cup, are some soap dispensers that I finished. Tomorrow I have 7 or 8 more of those that should be ready to carve. Everything has been drying very slowly.
Let me know what you think of the round boxes and if you have any tips on throwing one piece covered boxes & jars, please comment!


  1. I like the carvings on the pear pots!
    Something I've not see you do before. Very nice.

  2. thanks Paul, mine are not Pear Pots, if you go to Michael Mahan's site you will see pear pots. I started carving flowers and leaves through slip last fall. If you were on facebook you would have seen other pots :o)
    check out my etsy shop and you will see more... there is a link on the left of my blog posts.

  3. I use to make these jars all the time but have not made them in years.
    You must have been inspired by Dannel's girlfriend at the Celebration with all her carved pots!

  4. Love the little pigs! I can see so many uses....a safe spot for rings, jewelry; i would keep one by the pool in summer. Also for little mementos...... possibilities!

    I haven't seen 'onsies' in years. Nice reminder.

  5. Oh those covered jars are going to be so wonderful, can't wait to see them after firing, good for you for being persistent. the little piggies are very cute.

  6. oooooooooooooh so gorgeous :) yes, i like to make jars like that too, but my favorite is more like, throw a dome and when leather hard cut a circle and gallery for a premade lid....

  7. Kate does make some nice carved pots and we own a few of them.
    I have to say that the biggest influences in this new direction are Jeff Brown, Natalie Blake, and Maureen Mills. My goal is for the carvings to become even more abstract. On the larger box I have incorporated both the flower and the leaf design and plan to do some soaps like that today.

  8. I've tried making those 1 piece covered jars with limited success, yours are much better than mine.

  9. Whoops! I had just been on Mahan's website before yours. Brain was still hanging on to the pear pots I guess.

    FaceBook, whats that? :-)

  10. Glad I could be an inspiration...I am inspired and encouraged that your carved flower vases sold out the first day of the Celebration, and continue to sell. I do like the linear designs behind the flowers and leaves.


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