Wednesday, April 25, 2012

and he's off!

We were up at 5:30 this morning, which is SUPER early for us, and heading to the airport in Greensboro at 6:30. I couldn't believe what Jeff managed to pack in his one checked suitcase (50lb limit), carry-on, and backpack. He needed to bring finished work to exhibit and hopefully sell, as well as bisqued pots to wood fire in the climbing kiln in Mungyeoung. The firing we squeezed in on Sunday was excellent, thank goodness, since I handled the kiln and some of the reduction for a few hours while Jeff caught up on some much needed sleep.
Here is a side handled teapot that didn't make the final cut...

It's a beauty but Jeff wasn't happy with it's pour and the lid did stick in one spot. Once ground, the spot is barely noticeable. Perhaps we will keep it and enjoy it's beauty ourselves.

After the airport I spent some time in Greensboro visiting friends and picking up some groceries at the Asian market & Costco. When you live in Seagrove, you take full advantage of a trip to the "city". This was the first time I wandered around alone in Greensboro (sort of weird since we have been in North Carolina nearly two years!). I actually had a little anxiety about finding my way around at first, but then realized... heck,   I used to drive in Boston... and for nearly a whole year was heading into Boston once or twice a week. I have gotten so comfortable living and working in one place... I really need to get out of town more often!


  1. So excited for Jeff, I hope the trip is perfect for him!! And I hope you are going to share some stories:)

  2. After driving in Boston, any city would be a breeze. Ha. So glad Jeff got off to a good start, can't wait to hear all about his adventures.

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  3. glad his trip started well.

    Shopping alone does eel weird!

  4. It looks like many of us are looking forward to reports from Jeff's trip. I hope we get to see lots of pictures too.

  5. How Exciting, we hope that Jeff has a great trip. Good Luck!!!


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