Tuesday, May 8, 2012

return of the gypsy potter...

Jeff finally arrived in Greensboro this morning after missing his connecting flight in San Francisco yesterday. He couldn't get a flight east until 11:00 pm which made his long journey even longer. He was totally wiped out but even as we were loading his bags in the car he started taking treasures out of his suitcase to show me. When we got home is was like Christmas morning, except things were wrapped in socks and t-shirts! I couldn't believe what he managed to get in his suitcase.

 A brick of tea... the fanciest I have ever seen. This is tea from China that Jeff bought at the festival. He also brought some matcha powdered tea home, along with a whisk. I think I see a tea ceremony in our future.

 Beautiful sgraffito plate and on the left is Soju in a very fancy bottle. Soju is like vodka only slightly sweeter.

 These tiny treasures may be my favorites. Traditional Korean Inlay designs.

 I took this photo to give you a sense of size, like I said, tiny treasures!

 This is just a small sampling of the sake cups that he either purchased or traded for. Potters wrap their cups and tea bowls in beautiful scarves that have their contact information printed on them. Most often they are then placed in a wood box. This one is from the daughter of Korea's National Treasure. I am not sure that I placed the correct cup on top of the box. Jeff was fast asleep when I took these and I wasn't about to wake him up to ask! I really like the one in the foreground on the left. My quick photos doesn't do it justice. I appreciate the respect that pottery is given in Asian countries, wrapped in silk, placed in a special box. No newspaper or plastic bags. Jeff did bring a pot home in a paper bag and it was beautifully printed... I will try to get a picture of it. 


 and each panel is different

This is Jeff's certificate for winning the special prize for the Korean kick wheel competition... the only thing I can understand is Jeff Brown! The tissue paper on the left  has brush work and says something about Jeff and I already forgot what the story was behind that one.

This is only a small sample of treasures. There are many more little cups, little dishes, Korean wine, handmade jackets for both of us, and more scarves for me.

As soon as he awakens from his travel coma, I will have pictures and video from MunGyeong.


  1. The trip of a lifetime, living vicariously through both of you, how wonderful, thanks for sharing all the treasures and looking forward to more.

  2. Thanks Michele, can't wait to see the rest of them.

  3. Japanese and Korean potters really do know how to package and showcase their work. Actually everything, in Japan even in the dept stores everything is beautifully wrapped. Presentation is superb!

  4. Whow...those are so beautiful. What treasures. Can't wait to hear/see more!

  5. Jeff has been invited back next year and we are planning for me to go along too. We are going to find a way to make it happen. Positive thinking and good energy got him there this year so I know we can make it happen again!

  6. stunning treasures!

    Glad he is home safe

  7. I'm in awe of those pieces, they are really beautiful. And in Jeff's ability to get them home safely.
    I love the idea of wrapping in silk scarves, I use newspaper and tell people I'm an avid recycler, which is true and most people say they think it's a great idea but the silk just classes it up a million times.

  8. His suitcase must have been like Mary Poppins bag to have fit all that stuff inside!! Great loot :)
    Glad he made it home safely~


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