Saturday, June 2, 2012

Getting back to work... but I have the best job in the world!

I often find it hard to get back to work after taking a few days off. In between loading the kiln this week I HAD to touch wet clay... it seemed like weeks since I sat at my wheel (yes I am still sitting). The first day I threw the bodies of oval baking dishes and the next day I rolled out the slabs and assembled them. This time I made some large ones, most of them 12" plus in length. 

I am also working on some more wall pockets. This was a form I played with awhile back and they have sold really well. There are only two left in the gallery and since they are simple forms to make I figured why not do some more? 

In the past I have either glazed these in shino, dusted with wood ash or wood fired/salt glazed. I may experiment with some other glazes this time.

The kiln is at 337 degrees and I am anxious to unload. There are some piggy bank orders in there that I am nervous about. I really don't like to do special orders for that reason! I will get some photos up here on the blog as soon as I can.
Happy Saturday and don't forget to put a bird on it!


  1. Put a bird on it and a flower in it. Ha. your wall pockets are wonderful, thank you for mine, I love it, different color glazes would be great and what about a few carved with leaves like your plates with those blue and green glazes you have, those would be super.

  2. Linda, I am glad you like yours. I considered carving flowers on them and may give it a try. Although it's nice to make something that isn't so time consuming!

  3. You and Hollis are making me want a casserole dish!
    Love those wall pockets, they make such nice gifts. Do you ever raku them? I know they wouldn't hold water but they would be pretty I bet.....

  4. Sweet casseroles you got there! Those pockets would look nice wood fired.

  5. Tracey - I have never raku fired them but I agree that they would be cool and perfect for dried flowers. I would have to remember to switch clays. Right now I am using recycled clay for these and there is too much of a couple of highwater clays in it that can't handle raku.

    Robert - I have fired them in wood/salt glaze, the photo of the finished on is done that way. It would be nice to do some in B-mix to fire in straight wood.
    I want a wood kiln soooooo badly!!!!!


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