Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Shifting into high gear

This has been the week of the platter. Both of us have spent the last few days throwing them. Unfortunately I lost two of mine to over zealous trimming. Yesterday it looked like we were growing platters in the yard. They were scattered all about so that they would be dry enough to bisque fire today.

Jeff gave me a couple of his to carve. There was a planned power outage yesterday morning, so I worked on the porch so that I could see what I was doing.

The first one has a cool textured rim. It's made with STARwork's new Seagrove clay. It definitely has a different feel for carving. We will save this one for a wood/salt firing.

This one is Highwater Aurora, which is like carving through cream cheese.

Yesterday Jeff organized the calendar with what needs to be thrown next, and created a firing schedule. We need to stay on track in order to be ready for the Craftsmen's Fair in August. I was looking at the calendar this morning and realized that we will be gone for nearly 3 weeks!  I am looking forward to seeing friends and family while we are in NH, but 3 weeks is a long time to be away from Sophie, and I know she will miss us too.

Thankfully we have a great kitty and gallery sitter.


  1. Great carving especially the cream cheese one. Sophie looks like my Betty, I got some furry mice toys which open with a velcro and are stuffed with dried catnip, my cats really love them. they also like the fresh catnip I am growing, Gary brings a leaf in for each of them every so often, Betty eats hers and Butter and Binky roll around on theirs. Ha.

  2. Beautiful plate, I'm looking forward to seeing it fired.
    Don't you love sitting outside and carving?

  3. Thank goodness for a great pet-sitter~ allows you to go take a vacation and see your pals with peace of mind :)

  4. Sophie loves catnip too. She has duck around here somewhere that has the velcro pocket. She is always losing her toys. The carrot is a favorite but it has been missing for months! I have looked everywhere for it.


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