Monday, June 18, 2012

Pigs, Pots, and the life of a Potter

This is a small sampling of what's been happening in studio for me...

 Teeny tiny pigs... I made a few back in March. They sold rather quickly. Someone messaged me on Etsy and asked if I was the little pig maker. She bought the last one (that wasn't on Etsy) and ordered two more. The little pigs are almost harder to make than my standard piggy bank, but I do sell them for less. I think if I keep making them they will go a little quicker.
Some clay artists might say ask why we make piggy banks when we make so many more artistic pots?
My answer is... Piggy banks sell. In order for us to make a living solely on pottery, we need to make pots that pay the bills. I think we allow ourselves the time to make both the pots that sell quickly, and the pots that exemplify our artistic talent. It's all about a balance.

Just work.

In the meantime, we still put our heart and soul into EVERY pot we make.


  1. The pigs are adorable and creative and I love them. There is no need to make apologies for them at all!!!
    My thing I keep making and making are those dang stars. They sell so well, and they are really pretty, but I get sooo tired of them. If they were cute little pigs at least I would have something to smile at and talk to :)
    We were in some place in Maine and I saw a ceramic pig, wheel thrown, I'm pretty sure, but not as cute as yours, sort of a pitiful try really. I wanted to take a photo for you, but it wasn't really appropriate....
    I thought of yours when I saw it. If people love them, then your job is done well.

  2. Besides, the pigs just look so cute sitting in rows on the shelves like that.
    It's so true about putting your heart and sole into each piece no matter what it is, if you don't love it, you don't make it. Some pieces we just make because we love to make people happy and they give us money for that happiness.

  3. You make the best pigs out there... I've seen the others! These things are just as valuable in society, they're a real part of lives. There does seem to be something out there in the world that 'Fun' means it's somehow slightly less.... worthy. That's nonsense and when i actually do get pots out there, 'fun' will be a driving force. Hell, life these days is serious enough. Your pigs are great.... "everyone embrace them!"

  4. you said it, the demand for piggies is always high

  5. Somehow pigs epitomize the fun of childhood, and there's the lesson about saving money in a piggy bank too. I do like your pigs and they look great standing all in a row. Every time I hear the word piggy, I think of that rhyme, This little piggy went to market, ha. As Scott said life is serious enough, more fun is always welcome.

  6. Gotta bring home the bacon ~

    (sorry, couldn't resist!!)


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