Wednesday, June 13, 2012


We are going to be participating in a wood/salt firing in Carthage this summer, so I have been making pots for that in between the usual repertoire...

 The two bottles in the middle were made with STARworks new Seagrove clay. It's formulated specifically for firing in wood and salt. It was so different to throw with after using the Highwater Aurora clay. It's groggy and sandy, and throws quite well.

I finished a bunch of these bowl yesterday... finally. It seems like it was forever ago that I threw them. The humidity meant they took forever to dry enough to trim. These will be shino on the inside and gloss green on the exterior.

Lately it seems the weeks are flying by. It scares me a little because we have a 10  9 day show to do in NH the first week of August.

10  9 days = lots of pots to be made!


  1. ten days goes by extremely fast. I hope to get into a wood fire some day. when is the show in New Hampshire? we hope to go up there this year but were thinking middle of September

  2. Linda, the starts Aug. 4th and runs for 10 days

    September is a nice time of year to visit NH.

  3. I'm coming up to Laconia on the 6th to see my brothers and other family member. I think I'll be coming to the fair on the 7th......perhaps we'll be able to say hello? I love this show. It's one of the few reason I regret not living in N.H.

  4. smartcat... awesome that you are coming to the fair! We will be in tent 5. I will also be doing demos in the NH Potters Guild booth (tent X) one day, but at this point I forgot what I signed up for. It would be great to meet.


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