Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A Few Highlights from the Wood Firing

 We are slowly getting the bottom of pots ground, sanded, and photographed. These are listed on Etsy and I will be adding more over the next few days.

In between all that grinding and sanding, I did make a few carved plates with handles...

With all the rain and humidity it has taken forever to get them finished. On tomorrow's list is one quart casseroles with carved lids. I want to get as much of my own work finished before we get ready for the League of NH Craftsmen's Fair in August. It's only Jeff's work at that show so it won't be too long before I will be working mostly as his assistant.... weighing clay, waxing bottoms, glazing pots, and loading kilns. I am praying that this July won't be as hot as last year!


  1. Your wood fired piggies are awesome!

  2. Great pic with the coins to let folks see the scale of the pigs! And your carving is delicious!

  3. Everything looks beautiful! Love the handled plates...your patience with carving amazes me :)


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