Friday, June 14, 2013

Lights Out!

Yesterday was hot (90+ degrees) and sticky. One of those days where I had to put ware boards of freshly thrown pots outside to dry. Late in the afternoon a storm rolled in with some high winds. Jeff and I scurried around the yard, bringing pots in, and securing anything we thought might fly away. When we were finished and safe inside the house we heard a "pop" and the lights went out. We sat on the sofa for a few a minutes thinking it would come right back on. When it didn't Jeff said, "Time for beer before they get warm!"

We sat on the porch and watched the storm dance around us... after the wind it really didn't amount to much, except for bringing in some nice cool air. At 9:00 pm, and still without power, we retreated inside with our "emergency lighting".

Jeff hit on this idea the last time we lost power! Bring in the solar landscape lighting, using pots for holders. Safer than candles and they give off a good amount of light when you bring a bunch of them in.
The power finally came back at around 1:00 am. We awoke to cool dry air, and pots that are ready to be trimmed...
Time to go to work.


  1. Jeff is brilliant, and the light idea is good too. Glad to know you were okay in the storm. We got a lot of rain here with the wind and an amazing lightening storm.

  2. Wesley and I got caught out in that storm on the way home from Saxapahaw, I tell you, I was saying my prayers! Trees came down on Frankiln St. In Chapel Hill, I heard this morning a young girl died from one falling on her. It was a crazy storm, we kept power though.....

  3. we talked about bringing in our solar lights, I will have to show Mark your trick.
    Crazy about the lights.

  4. I'll have to remember that one. Great idea! Guess I have to get us some solar lights. I had them at our last house, but current house already had electrically connected ones installed.

  5. sure, the best way to enjoy a storm, with beers on the porch!

  6. I'd read about using solar lights indoors, and I love the use of your pots to hold them! Was never sure quite how to use them, so perfect.


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