Thursday, June 27, 2013

Beautiful Light

It's times like these that I wish I had a better camera and knew more about photography.

The light this evening, as the sun was setting during a rain storm, was absolutely stunning.
My camera doesn't do it justice, but I went ahead and snapped some pics around the studio and gallery.

 The big news of the day is that Jeff cut the rest of his hair off! He had 12" lopped before the S. Korea trip, and today he went short...
If your are on FB you already know this, because it's been decided that this haircut will be the new trend. :-)
Last week I had about 6" cut off of mine... does this mean our hippy days are over?

nah... I don't think so. We still own a school bus.


  1. That's not too short a hair cut, it looks great, and the evening light is nice. I like how the air smells after a rain too, nice and fresh.

  2. Sometimes we need to change things up, lighten the load, & look at things from a different angle :)

  3. Ah....magic hour light.
    That must be quite a change for Jeff....and six inches for you. Will we still recognize you? :-)

  4. Love the school bus line - very cute!
    Old friends and neighbors had one of those big yellow school buses and it came in handy when their home burned down in one of those Southern Oregon mountain, summer fires in the 90's. They parked their school bus on our property and lived in it while they built a new home. Those buses are great!

  5. Hippy has nothing to do with hair and everything to do with attitude. I suspect you all are safe.


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