Wednesday, July 3, 2013

glazed over...

I have had little time for blogging these days. We are on a mission to get work done for our third anniversary in Seagrove event (July 20th) and then the League of NH Craftsmen's Fair, the first week of August. 
The last few days have been spent glazing. We are a day behind because of the rain. Typically we glaze a bunch of pots, then carry them through the yard to the kiln. This frees up space in the studio as we work. Unfortunately it rained so hard we barely had to time to move pots in between the rain drops, which meant we were working in a crowded space. Which also meant the kiln didn't get loaded. We seem to be having a break in the rain today (at least for a bit!). The kiln will get loaded today and we will have a 4th of July firing tomorrow.

To break up the monotony, I decided to experiment with some underglazes on this little bowl. I did a few test pieces some time ago that were sort of meh. I hoping that now I have a little more understanding of how they will fire to ^10. I will let you know in a few days!

The most time consuming thing is glazing my shino and green flower and leaf designs. I have to wipe off some of the shino and then wax the rims before carefully pouring in the green. The overlap of the two glazes will go a little red and I don't like it to be defined line, hence the wiping off. It's tedious work and my hands and elbow are sore at the end of the day.

Applying the wax goes quickly but takes forever to dry...

and actually this wax always stays sticky. You have to be very careful when handling the pots for the next glaze application because it will come off and stick to your fingers. I wished I had saved the bottle of wax I used three bottles ago, it didn't stay tacky. I have to do some research and figure out where I ordered it from. I am open to suggestion if you have any.

This kiln won't get loaded with me sitting at this computer and I best get to work while the sun shines.
Happy Independence Day to all!


  1. I love that sweet little bowl. I look forward to seeing how it turns out. Happy 4th to you both!

  2. This weather pattern just has to shift sometime soon....right???!!! Hang in there~


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