Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Jeff and I have been visiting with Danielle and Jay in Connecticut since Saturday night. On Sunday we took a leisurely walk along the Branford Trolley Trail. The trail meanders through the marsh where you can see lots of birds, deer, and thousands of fiddler crabs.

 ducks and reflections

 Danielle and Jay have an upper level that over looks the water. The perfect place to enjoy late day cocktails and watch the boating activity. Their home is like a retreat in the city.

The last few days have really felt like a vacation. We experienced some great restaurants, walks through the city, and the beginning of New Haven Jazz week...all in the great company of Danielle and Jay. Today we head back to North Carolina, sad to leave my girl, but anxious give Sophie kitty a squeeze and to sleep in my own bed tonight.


  1. It's great, that after the flat out work of preparing, getting there, and selling in NH, you had time to totally unwind.....with family, in a sweet spot!

  2. what a great spot, envious of their location with the deck viewing the water


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