Thursday, August 15, 2013

Sculpture Garden

 One of my favorite things at the League of NH Craftsmen Fair is the sculpture garden...

 Joe DeRobertis's Dragon Fly was the most popular sculpture in the exhibition. His metal work is amazing. My favorite bracelet was made by him... a little sculpture for your wrist.

I really liked this family sculpture and I can't even remember who the artist is. I believe he is a newly juried member.

 Ceramic Bells

 View from the sculpture garden to the newly juried members tent

It feels good to be home at last. Two weeks is along time for a homebody to be away. I am feeling anxious to get back to the clay side of this business.


  1. OH! Sooooo pretty :) I canNOt say I miss New Hampshire because I like Ithaca better, but places like Sunapee and that fair are total favorites :)

  2. Gary, I can't say that I miss NH either... I miss my family and friends, not the state.

  3. I miss the immersion in art no matter what the location.

  4. Sounds like your trip was a great time.... :-)

  5. The sculpture was particularly spectacular this year.
    I find a NH a nice place to visit but I couldn't live there, even though a majority of my family seems to have ended up there.

  6. That looks like a wonderful fair to attend or be a part of!


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