Saturday, August 17, 2013

Studio Potter - December 1997

I have a collection of Studio Potter magazines, stored in plastic bins. Every so often I reach in and randomly take one out to read. Last month my random choice featured Seagrove potteries in 1997...


 Dover Pottery

 David Stuempfle

 Westmore Pottery

 Neolia Cole (Sanford, NC)

Ben Owen


  1. It can be fun and interesting to look back!
    Did you ever think you might be living in the area back then?

  2. Suzie, I hadn't even gotten seriously back into clay in '97. All of the old Studio Potter mags belonged to John. In the 7 0r 8 years I have read most of them. I have to say, I never thought I would ever move out of NH!

  3. I don't mean this to sound snarky, these are all very talented potters, but doesn't it seem that the same people are featured over and over in articles about Seagrove, when there are over 100 potters down there? Sorry, just one of my pet leaves right now about pottery in general :-)
    Love Studio Potter though, always great stuff to read....

  4. Tracey, I agree that it often seems like it's the same people that get the coverage. It could be that they are doing a good job marketing themselves... I am not really sure. I like to think of it as, any article about Seagrove will bring awareness to the area, and hopefully business for everyone.
    I like to look on the bright side!

  5. I agree Michele, there is a lot to be said for marketing (as well as talent)! Thank you for sharing that, that was 2 years before I moved down here-look how young everyone is!


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