Saturday, December 14, 2013

Coincidence or The Universe at Work?

After writing my blog post on December 12th, I went out to get the mail. Inside the box was a thick envelope, addressed to me, postmarked Pennsylvania. It was a letter and photos of a dining table set with dinnerware made by John Zentner.

Last summer this gentleman had contacted me via e-mail to say he had purchased this complete set at a consignment store in W. Virginia. He spent a few months researching who the "JZ" maker was. Through my blog he figured it out. He told me he would send photos of the work, but I never heard from him again and put it in the back of my mind.

I find it amazing that his letter and photos arrived on the fifth anniversary of John's passing. 


  1. The Universe is odd that way, isn't it?
    A nice gesture for healing though.....

  2. A lovely sense of a circle completed.

  3. I am convinced there is someone listening...... Especially the older I get!

  4. just wonderful, the universe at work for sure

  5. Def. the Universe at work ~ again!


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