Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Not So Round Pots

 Remember the oval bakers from last month, the ones made by cutting a crescent out of the bottom? I have fired a few of them and so far no cracks. One cracked during the drying process (of course it was one with ginkgo leaf carving) and ended up in the scrap bucket. The other carved ones came out of the kiln and off to the "Treasures of the Earth" show in Shelby, NC.  They came out nice and I hope they don't come back home in March!

Even though I had more success with this round, I am not going to do ovals using this technique any longer. It's just too iffy.

Despite the snowstorm last week, we have daffodils and a few crocus starting to bloom! I am always excited about the first flowers of the year. Especially since they are so much earlier here in North Carolina than New Hampshire. While I was taking photos of flowers, my friends and family in New Hampshire were dealing with another foot of snow.

I am so ready for spring this year. We have gone through nearly four cord of wood and I am tired of writing giant checks to the propane company!


  1. They do look great but if the process makes you lose too many it's not worth it, especially since you can do them a different way.

  2. How great that you've got spring springing up already. Lovely oval casseroles, but I vote with you, do what feels best!

  3. Yes, it seems every time we turn around, we're cleaning ashes out of the woodstove or cleaning out the stovepipe this winter. But, thank goodness for the means to stay warm. Your flowers are lovely!


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