Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Waiting on the storm

We had a winter storm preview yesterday that left a dusting of snow on the ground and trees. While standing at the kitchen sink, washing dishes, I noticed how pretty the bamboo looked covered in white. Evidently Jeff had the same idea. Moments later he was standing at the window snapping this photo.

Today we are supposed to be getting the "big one". When I say "big one", I mean southern "big one". The weather reports say we might see 6". This will be (if it happens) the most snow I have seen here in North Carolina! The predictions say the storm will end with a layer of ice. Ice often means power outages, but we are prepared. The wood stove will keep us warm, between that and the gas grill cooking won't be a problem. 5 gallon buckets of water will be ready for flushing the toilet! The lack of running water is what's most inconvenient.

I am hoping that if the power goes out it won't be like the last few years I was in New Hampshire... no power for days on end. If you have been reading for any length of time, you may recall that John Z died during the ice storm of 2008. You can read about the events of that storm here and here. Since that time ice storms and power outages give me an uneasy feeling that is hard to shake. It has gotten better with time, but it will always be there in the background.

Should we get some significant snow, the kids around here will be ecstatic and for them I am happy. They will get outside in the fresh air and play until it's melted, which will probably be on Friday.

Happy snow day. Stay warm and safe.


  1. Yay kids and snow play. Nice collection of corks on windowsill!

  2. I love the view from your kitchen window, our new one is paned and I prefer the one piece glass. We have about three inches now and still coming down sporadically

  3. I'm convinced the weather channel and Walmart have cut a deal, the weather channel causes mass retail buying hysteria for bread and milk so everyone can make milk sandwiches from Walmart :)

  4. Looks like they were right this time, Michelle. Several inches at our house already. Hoping for only snow, with no power outages.

  5. I do hope your power stays on and the storm doesn't keep you stranded without bread and milk.

  6. having lived through ten years of those NH ice storms, I was SUPER glad to have reliable water and a wood stove! Now we live close to the electric company and...well, fingers always crossed ! Best wishes to you, and dang, if only JZ was still around--I always like, though, how you say his life convinced you to chuck real estate and make pots in NC :)

  7. Great view! Watched the news mornig and hope all is well ....... Ice is just the worst! Balmy 7 F. here this morning. Stay warm :)

    As long as the tea kettle works!


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