Sunday, June 1, 2014

Seagrove Weekend Update...

This week I decided to try out a new form. 

Cheese boards... but can you really call it a "board" when it's made out of clay?

They are obviously very simple to make. My only problem was that I underestimated the amount of clay I needed. The one in the photo is smaller than I would have liked. The subsequent ones are the size of the bat. The first one I made was way too thin. They need to be hefty because the idea is that you can warm the "board" in the oven and place a slice of brie on it or chill the "board" and serve cheese and fruit. They will also make good trivets.
I will admit that I wanted to make these because I want one for myself. I rarely make things that I want to keep but we are cheese lovers and I know I can put it to good use.

 Yesterday I took a break from the work day and took a drive over to Bulldog Pottery. It was their "Cousins in Clay" weekend. There were some fabulous pots there by Samantha, Bruce, and their "cousins" Michael Kline, Dan Anderson, and Blair Clemo. I wanted to get there early because I needed to to replace a Bulldog Pottery tumbler that had met it's demise last year. My goal was accomplished!
"Cousins in Clay" continues today with a potters potluck at noon and demonstrations by guest "cousin" Dan Anderson from 1:30 - 2:30. Jeff will head over there this afternoon, while I keep the gallery open.

I couldn't resist snapping this photo of Samantha and Bruce's beautiful bamboo stand on my way out.
Happy Sunday to all. I hope you enjoyed your weekend.


  1. Nice piece. Is the hole sized to hold a cup? Seems like Seagrove has weekends several times a month. Hope they do well.

  2. Dennis- the hole is just place to put your finger/thumb when carrying. They are too large and heavy to use as one of those cup holder/buffet type thingys.

  3. best of all is your stunning leaf deco :)

  4. Nice stand of bamboo! I thought the hole was for hanging on the wall...... as the humid weather hits was a great idea to chill a cheese board! beautiful carving too!

    and love the tumbler!

  5. I love the cheese board idea. It's brilliant and beautiful.

    I'm so jealous that you got to go to "cousins in clay." It looked like they had some great pots.

  6. I saw some of these cheese boards on a website the other day, what a great idea, I might have to have one, we eat ALOT of cheese!


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