Sunday, November 30, 2014

Pigs on the run...

The piggy bank orders are piling in for the holiday season. I spend many nights making them in my sleep. This morning I poured my coffee and as I was heading to the fridge to put away the milk, what did I see outside the window??... a PIGLET. A real live piglet. Now I do live next door to a farm, but this farmer raises cows and goats. The farmer's shepherd was out there trying to round up this pig, when along came a small dog that looked like a springer spaniel. Everyone gave each other a few sniffs then the pig came trotting through the field into our yard. The dog quickly followed.

Of course I HAD to grab my camera and run out in my pajamas to snap some photos!

Once outside I realized that I shouldn't be getting too close to a strange dog and his piglet buddy. Believe it or not, I used to be a runner and about 12 years ago I was bitten by a springer spaniel while out on the road. Since then I am a little afraid of strange dogs.

I decided that the zoom on my camera would be a good idea. The dog ran ahead and into the woods, with piglet close behind.

I hope they made it home safe and sound, the Pottery Highway is a busy road.
Now it's time for me to get to work on my own piggies so that they will make it to their new homes in time for Christmas.


  1. It's a sign! What a fun thing to read first thing this morning.
    This little piggy went to market :-)

  2. Cute little piglet! I'm guessing the pig farm across the road... if they're still raising pigs these days. Thinking it's a good omen.

  3. Laurie, I didn't even know there was a pig farm across the road! Is it behind the Whynot Church?

  4. He probably just wanted to hide from the butcher and was trying to slip in with your piggies.

  5. Do you think this pig was attracted to yours? They are awfully cute.

  6. so cool that pig came by, lucky he didn't slip in any pottery slip


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