Thursday, August 6, 2015

A League of Our Own...

Our largest show of the year, The League of NH Craftsmen's Fair, is over. We had a slow start on Saturday but we weren't worried, last year started the same way. Sunday was a good day for sales and I was able to catch up with friends and family who came to the show. I even got to wander through the tents and see what other craftsmen were offering this year. It was an awesome day overall. Jeff and I felt rejuvenated after the weeks of prep and the long drive north.
We woke up Monday refreshed and ready to sell pots. The weather was once again perfect. The opening horn blew at 10:00 am and the people trickled in. Yes, you read that right... it was a trickle. Sales were dismal. Each morning we get a newsletter called "tent poles". Included in the newsletter are stats from the day before comparing them to the prior year. Attendance was down by about 400 on Monday alone.

Tuesday was the same. 
Actually, it was worse.

It's water under the bridge now. We have to let it go and move on. We have until October to decide wether or not we will come back next year. If we do return, there will be some changes made in regards to what we will bring for inventory. 

I hope that things turn around for the craftsmen that are there for the full nine days.

Here's a snap shot of our four days at the fair...

We kept a chair just outside the tent for breaks. This fairgoer commandeered my chair for over an hour one afternoon! She was totally oblivious to the fact that the directors chairs belonged to the craftspeople. My very kind booth neighbor had an extra chair for me to use.

The marionette guy was back this year. He puts on a great show set to Tom Waits music. His marionettes and stage are amazing.

From the deck at Spruce Lodge, there is a great over view of the entire fair. I took this photo facing the upper lodge. To the left are more tents. It takes a good two days to really take in this fair.

The League has a new director and operations manager this year. There were many changes and most of them very welcome. Tension from past years was gone. One welcome change is that booth holders with trailers now have a designated lot. It was closer to our tent and made going back and forth to the car and trailer much easier. Sometimes it's the little things that keep the people happy.

Inside tent five.

You know it's slow when there is no line to ladies room in Spruce Lodge!

The fair is behind us and now it's time for family. Wolfeboro, NH for two days, then on to New Haven CT. I can't wait to see my girl again!


  1. Sorry to hear things were really slow . . . I remember this from many years ago as a marvelous show!

  2. sorry about the slow show; good you have family to visit , I can't even imagine a 9 day show.

  3. It is such a wonderful event in many ways, but I wonder if outside fairs will be less popular as the internet makes sales so easy?

  4. When you do a show you are at the mercy of everything.Heat cold, wind, rain, traffic, a big ball game.It takes a lot of courage to make a living this way.

  5. Ugg, a slow show is tough, I’m sorry it wasn’t better for you. I try to put my chair in a place that is not easily accessible, mostly just to keep it out of the way but now you’ve given me another reason to keep it hidden.

    1. a lot of the craftsmen at this show keep their chairs outside the tent. It's a cooler place to take a break and doesn't take up space in the booth. It's the first time we have seen a customer sit on one! It was quite comical, because she sat for an hour playing with her phone, oblivious to the world around her.

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