Tuesday, September 8, 2015

"Labor Day Weekend"

I threatened to pressure wash Jeff before we came home!


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  2. I was laboring this weekend too, are those flying pigs ?

    1. Yes they are flying pigs! The one in the front is a piggy bank version, in the back is a large flying pig that is part of a commission for trophies for a barbecue festival in Georgia. Jeff threw the bodies, I assembled the pig parts, Jeff made them fly!

  3. When pigs have wings...mmm, who wrote that first? I can't remember. Perhaps C.S. Lewis? I'm thinking Alice must have something to do with it. The carving is great, as well as throwing... you all are just super all the way round.

  4. Love the flying pigs! How will you glaze the ginkos?
    A good pump sprayer can be invaluable for spraying things and people down.


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