Friday, February 14, 2020

We have spent the week glazing and will fire the gas kiln over the weekend. We are so behind in our schedule! Jeff had a sink that blew up in the bisque firing and it needed to be re-made before we could glaze fire. Luckily the sink mishap didn't break any other pots in the kiln. The sinks can be problematic to bisque. We typically preheat one day, turn the kiln off over night, then fire extremely slow the next...often not finishing until 2 or 3 am the day after that. Even then, they sometimes crack. Aside from the sink problem, the crazy weather last week also set us back.

I have started on the second segment of my modern calligraphy class. This session we are learning to put together minuscules (lower case letters) using the basic strokes learned last month. We learn and practice a new letter each day. When we get to the end of the alphabet we will start on the majuscule letters (uppercase). The following segments will focus on putting words together and stylizing words. If I am not mistaken, the whole course will take until June to complete!

Wishing everyone a happy Valentines Day. Make it special, even if it's just for YOU!

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  1. Oh my, the perils of big pieces of pottery. I can't manage to make a casserole...just an oval. They always crack apart. And mine weren't commissioned, thank heavens. Lettering...beautiful. My hand writing is failing as I take drugs that make me shaky. Wish I felt better as a result, but they supposedly help me breathe.


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