Thursday, February 6, 2020

How did it get to be February already?

Piggy bank orders have slowed down a little in the last few weeks, but I was happy to get an order for a large bull pig bank. I always have fun making these and while I was at it I made a smaller one too.
My back has been bothering me lately, mostly late in the day when making piggy banks. I have been thinking that my work table is a little too low. It's a standard height, long cafeteria table which isn't the same height as the bench I worked on when we were in the log cabin. Last week I decided to buy bed risers to give it an extra 3" in height.

I found a set on Amazon for $7.99. They are neon green and are supposed to glow in the dark! The black ones were a few dollars more, but for the studio I really didn't care about the color. I haven't been out at night yet to see if they really do glow. I like the new height but haven't yet determined if it will help my back. It's the left side that starts to ache and since I am left handed, I think it may also be an "overuse" issue. Time will tell.

I have enjoyed the warm weather we have been having. It's great to walk each day without a coat, hat, and gloves. The downside is that many of the trees are blooming early, which probably means we won't have that big splash of color when we get closer to real Spring.

I usually walk on the streets around town, but occasionally head to the local park. They have a walking track that gets rather boring. There is also a nature trail loop that includes a good hill. I like to do that at least once during my laps, for a better cardio workout and to increase endurance. When I first started I had to take a break half way up the hill. Now I can do it without stopping... YAY for progress!


  1. So glad you're working on movement, and a creative solve for back problems. Hope that does the trick. Walks! Oh yes, many mornings I wake up thinking I'll take one today. Then don't. But it's an intention among doing laundry and dishes. Someday!

  2. I hope the risers will help your back. Gosh, blooming trees! I've only seen daffodils and forsythia blooming here this week.

  3. if you ever want to go walk at the zoo with me let me know. I would also be happy to meet you at the park. That is if you are interested in company.

    1. I would love to walk at the zoo! Some years back I had a membership and would go quite often for a morning walk. It was cheaper than a gym membership and much more pleasant.


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